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Deployment Information

Maven Central

Group ID: com.graphqlio


Signature Key: tbd Local location: %USER_HOME%/.gnupg


  1. Settings.xml Local location: %USER_HOME%/.m2 Contains information about maven central server access and pgp signature

  2. pom.xml Every pom.xml from every GraphQL IO project is usable as template (e.g. pure-uuid).

    Noteable content: - org.sonatype.plugins - Deploy profile: Compiles, builds JavaDoc and signs the artefacts - DistributionManagement: Defines repositories for release artefacts - SCM: Connection infos for source code VCS (github repository)

  3. Commands Local deploy: mvn clean deploy -P deploy


GithubAction: We use Github Actions for auto deployment. The deployment will be triggered when a tag is pushed. Every GraphQL IO project contains this Github action and can be used as template.

Note: Secrets have to be set for the actions. - GPG_PASSPHRASE - GPG_PRIVATE_KEY - NEXUS_USERNAME - NEXUS_PASSWORD