UI5 Test Recorder – Changelog


For this version, we performed an extensive refactoring in the context of Issue #10, while we did not stop there. Due to the extent of the refactoring, only the most important user-visible changes are listed below. For further details, please see PR #36.


  • Actually execute asserts during replay (7069fcc)
  • Actually execute support assistant during replay (fe4d04c)
  • Gather and show messages during replay in a MessagePopover (b742c11, 4e239fd)
  • The page under test is now locked when it is not to be accessed (0232cc6)
  • Further user feedback is shown when extension or page disconnects/reloads (e.g., 17f7922, ba7a716, 7b35702, 9bd5167, and 8b102cd)
  • Add changelog file CHANGELOG.md (see Issue #33)
  • Correct catching of <a>-clicks (see Issue #44 and PR #52)


  • Page injection and connection handling now uses WebExtension functionality, which improves stability (see Issue #10)
  • Replay can be stopped (69fcb66).
  • Use a single button 'Replay next step' during manual replay
  • Disable test-step handling during replay (8283ae9)
  • Refactor README file README.md (see Issue #34)
  • Speed of identification of many similar controls has been improved significantly (see Issue #45, PR #50 and #53)


  • Fix potential page injection problem with item properties (072a04e)
  • Fix highlighting of selected element in page under test (1db2b70)
  • Fix potential security vulnerabilities in package dependencies and update dependencies



  • Automatic closing of old tabs on replay
  • Offline view of single test steps


  • Removed recurring calls regarding successful page injection that broke the replay option
  • Fixed the controller 'TestDetails' for better replay