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UI5 Test Recorder

The UI5 Test Recorder is intended to use for your daily testing of UI5 applications. The tool enables efficient test automation for SAP UI5 and OpenUI5 applications, by enabling the user to record test scenarios with only simple tools. While recording, the tool supports you in setting the perfect combination of unique attributes to allow a stable and reproducible test execution.

UI5 test recorder is able to generate the test code either for integration tests with OPA5 or end-to-end tests with UIVeri5 or TestCafé.


There are several points of interest for users:


The UI5 test recorder is available through the Chrome Web Store.

Note: Right now, only Chrome is supported, further browsers are under investigation.

Manually install development version

If you want to get the latest version that is not published, you can perform the following steps:

  • Checkout the repository at either the master or dev branch.
  • Add an folder ui5/ directly inside the repository folder created during checkout.
  • Download the latest OpenUI5 runtime.
  • Extract the downloaded archive into the folder ui5/ created before.
  • Load the UI5 test recorder (i.e., the checked-out repository folder) as an unpacked extension inside Chrome. (See the Chrome developer guide on how to do that.)

In the future, we will use a self-contained build provided by ui5-tooling. This will simplify the development workflow significantly.

Test apps

Testing is important, testing – and using! – the UI5 test recorder even more. You can test the UI5 test recorder with every app provided with the OpenUI5 Samples.

You can also use our presentation from the UI5con 2019. Additionally, we provide a corresponding download package for offline usage.


The contribution guide is still under construction. For now, please just open a pull request against the branch dev or open an issue.


The UI5 test recorder is licensed under the Apache License 2.0. See the file LICENSE for more details.